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    Product Name: Bathtub Controller

    Model:YM102 Package:Forming Carton

  • Download:Bathtub-Controller-64261.pdf
  • Company Profile Company Name:Foshan Zhongxie Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.Tel :86-757-88040622 Fax:86-757-82124819 Download : Bathtub-Controller-64261.pdf

    Bathtub Controller & Air Switch includes 1 controller+1 electronic box

    Bathtub Controller and Air Switch

    The cover of the controller is made in aluminium alloy.

    FITTINGS:  water sensor

    Colors:   same as picture

    SIZE     Controller     65*32mm

                Hole            54mm

                Power box    220*135*75mm

    RATING POWER::      3.0 kW



    1.Underwater light

    2.Water pump control

    3.Blower control

    4.Water temperature display

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    Company Name:  Foshan Zhongxie Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:  Raymond Lau
    Tel:  86-757-88040622,13928554844
    Fax:  86-757-82124819
    Address:  302F/No.4, Qing gong san Road

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